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Halloween can be a tricky time to remain mindful of your child's or even your own dental health. With all the chocolate and sweets around, is it really possible to maintain a healthy smile while still having Halloween fun?

The NE Calgary dentists at Skyview Ranch Dental Clinic are happy to tell you that yes, you can definitely take a few simple precautions to prevent problems such as cavities and broken teeth.

Your Calgary children's dentist's first piece of advice when dealing with children on Halloween is to take a second to speak to them before they head out. Ask your child to wait until they come home to dig into their sweets, instead of getting a head start while trick-or-treating.

Once your child is at home, you'll have a much easier time limiting their candy intake. Reassure them that they will get to eat it all, but just not all at once. Make sure you follow your own advice and limit your own candy intake as well, especially if you end up with a lot of leftovers this year!

Pediatric dentists in Calgary also warn that you should be especially cautious of hard and chewy candies. Hard and chewy sweets are not only tougher on teeth, but they expose the teeth to sugar for a much longer time.

It is a great idea to brush after a candy snack session. A good brushing after eating sweets is the best way to remove all of the excess sugar from the surface of the teeth. Be careful, however, not to brush immediately after eating sour and acidic candies. Acids can weaken tooth enamel, and brushing right away can erode it. Wait about half an hour after eating sour candies before bushing.

Our NE Calgary pediatric dentists at Skyview Ranch Dental Clinic also emphasize the importance of good flossing habits, especially during Halloween. Brushing can't really do a good job at removing sugars and candy particles from between teeth, which is why flossing is a must.

While keeping all of these tips in mind, don't forget to have fun. Indulging smartly in some sweets, as long as you practice good oral hygiene, won't cause you significant issues. Remember that prohibiting your child from candy entirely will likely make them want it more, so be straightforward about oral health and about the need for moderation.

If you have any concerns about your own or your child's oral health, don't hesitate to visit a NE Calgary dentist at Skyview Ranch Dental Clinic. We offer a variety of dental health services, such as orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry in NE Calgary, and are equipped to provide a high level of dental care to any of our patients.

Bringing important dental services to far NE Calgary, Skyview Ranch Dental Clinic is committed to keeping up with improvements in dental techniques and technology. Don't hesitate to come in and see one of our general dentists, or to book an appointment at Skyview Ranch Dental Clinic with a children's and pediatric Calgary dentist for your child.

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